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i'm dehydrated.

just thought i'd put that out there for ya.

i have an interview tomorrow, it's either for a job working with youth who are in the correctional system, or adults with dev. disabilities. don't ask how i don't know...it's not important. haha

i've been back for almost two months now, it's about time i get a fricken job. well technically i have two jobs right now. and i had one for half a day before i screwed myself over. but i need something real. i need an effing paycheck. maybe tomorrow will result in something good for me, or maybe i'll just get some more interview bull-shitting practice in.

so i'm exhausted. haven't slept a real night in my bed in a while....tonight shall be pleasant.

bon soir.
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i don't hate you
i just want you fucking dead
rotting in the ground
with a gapping hole in your head
you fucking hurt me
but i don't hold a grudge
except about that time you killed my cat
you kicked her down the stairs
and now she's fucking dead
you kicked her down the stairs
i want to kick you down the stairs

i'll fucking kill you
you broke my lava lamp
i never really used it
it was black and red
and now it's gone
just like my dead cat
you broke them both in two
i'd like to break your neck

i don't like you
you ruin everything
i had an '86 civic
you stabbed it with a knife
you got mad
at the shitty radio
and you stabbed it with a knife
and now it's fucking dead
just like my lava lamp
and my poor kitty cat

i want to stab you with a knife
and break your neck in two
and kick you down the stairs

la la la la la

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painting my nails the colour of dried blood, but with a shine is good fun.

what's even more fun is peeling it off. :)

today was an interesting day, but i'm not sure how to go about describing it. so i'll start with ahe past few days.

steffica left, back to london, back home. i took her to the bus station, and she almost forgot her purse...or i almost forgot to give it to her. that would've made it a little difficult for her to get over the border, with no ID and all :P

mom and i got to spend some exciting mother/daughter time. we went to the Bodies Exhibition where i saw more dead human bodies than i ever expected to see in my life. i held a human brain, which was surprisingly small, although not soooo surprising when you think about the intelligence level of the typical human. :P that night we saw the Phantom of the Opera, the show was fantabulous....and i enjoyed it even more when i noticed the people sitting next to me had paid 3 times the ammount mom and i did!

the next day we ventured out to the disney store, which i've been having a lot of difficulty pronouncing. it seems to come out as "dizzy snore". and even tho the copius amounts of toys did make me a little dizzy, it was by far one of the happiest places on earth. haha, if i was 5 maybe. we did however find some Princess Jasmine toys for baby-J. if only she was home to get them :(.

mom left the next day, and it was back to work for me. but i'd acutually missed being at work. the simple chaos of it all has grown on me. so i've been working every day since, the fabulous 4-12 shift. most evenings i've been desperately bored, with no work to do. i end up chatting with random guests. and i guess that's where the interesting part of today comes in.

now, for the whole 2.5 of your reading this (okay maybe that's wishful thinking...lets say 1.78) i hope you haven't been expecting some climactic story of NYC excitment...because the whole interesting thing about today is really just in my head.

(please excuse this temporary interruption: THANK GAWD for the autosaving in LJ, i just closed the window by accident....=P)

so this evening, and the past two nights...my down time at work (and of course times when i should've been working) have been spent talking to, or rather listening to a guest at the hostel named tim. i'm not going to post his entire name, because that may be some sort of invation of privacy, or personal conduct or something or other..but i definetly will be writing his name down somewhere safe. he's an interesting guy, and the kind of man i suspect to "google" in a few years and find tonnes of hits involving crazy stories and heroic feats. so i don't want to forget about him. :P

he's an older guy, but in his case age is certainly just a number. he has this insane amount of energy, and comes across more like a hyperactive teenager than a grown man with a daughter the same age as me. mostly he talked about politics and his beielfs (he was in nyc taking part in a conference for some independent political movement), and he mixed in stories about new orleans, his marriage, tv sets from the 50's filled with sand and lots more. i'm not sure if i really beleived the majority of them, but they were facinating regardless.

so i'm not really sure where i'm going with this. but i guess the point i'm trying to make is that he inspired me. inspired me to do what? i have no idea really...but to take some sort of action i guess. and he's just an unforgettable guy.

like i said, i don't know how to describe it. but it was just....interesting. haha. yes, i'm a dork.

dude this entry is long...i sure hope no one injured themselves trying to read the whole thing.

but now i might go to sleep, or finish watching "back to the future 2"...either way, i'm done here.

good night. bon soir. ting tong tai.

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it's been to long since my last update...and i'm tired. but feeling the urge to post. i just got home from work, it's almost 3am!! :O

lets make some lists...


- merry belated christmahanukwanzica!
- the weather was abnormally warm here
- got a new co-worker, google "Sandro Germann" :P
- christmas was, well...strange without my family
- i had my first traditional swiss holiday mean, Fondu!
- my lovery roomate and co-workers showered me with gifts, a Borat tee, and a NYC liscence plate keychain!
- i worked on new years
- soooo happy i didn't go to times square, 2million plus people stuffed into boxes, waiting around for hours isn't how i like to start a new year


1st half

- happy 2007
- i moved downstairs with the manager (Marcel) and my roomate (Jasmin)
- i LOVE not climbing 5 flights of stairs!
- Erika and her Ma came to visit
- i got to see my other!!
- touristy shit went down: saw where lennon was shot and yoko lives, the trump towers, tiffany's, multipe NYC bridges, and much much more
- realized there are some people i just cannot spend 4 consecutive days with
- i lost a filling, no health care in NYC = sore sore mouth

2nd half so far

- i got another new co-worker, another Marcel...handy man
- my tooth continues to be a pain in the mouth
- steph and mom came to visit (they're here right now!)
- got a manicure today, bled a little, yet i still tipped the lady..=)

(or technically today)

- more adventures with mom and steph
- steph's leaving :(
- mom's staying :)
- sleeeeeeping in

next 2.5 months

- Jasmin and Marcel are leaving me!
- i'm running away to switzerland
- i'm going to be the most senior person at work, that's scary
- waiting on some new roomates
- can't wait to see everyone i miss HUGE!

photos to follow...sooon, i promise!!


bon soir
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you're a legend

"i was taking a hike in my thongs, and i trod on a snake!" ...haha trent!

i <3 aussie boys with dreads. aaaah

eh hem, so new york has been treating me well. nice warm weather, not too much craziness at work, short lived crushes on cute hippy boys from austrailia. and it's one week untill christmas. who thinks i ought to mail out my hand made christmas cards? haha

my roomate was away for a few days last week...she left me for miami. the aloneness was nice at first...but it got old quick. so what does a girl do in new york when she has no friends and nothing to do? explore the city? see some signts? no no, she goes back to work on her day off in hopes of "accidently" running into a certain guest there. :P and she was successful.

so i hung out with a random group of guests from the hostel the other night. two mates from austrailia, a few blokes from england, and a dude from chicago. as much as i love my co-workers here, it was great to have some social interaction with other people (who speak english as a first language so i don't have to explain everything twice). we went to Lucky's, where they serve "the best burgers on earth!"...i wouldn't know, i splurged with a whole $3 on some fries. on the way out Lucky was actually there. Becky, an Aussie nurse, decided we all needed a photo together with him. tra la la. we headed back to the hostel where we picked up some more international people and then trecked on over to a real restaurant. i ordered a coffee and played with my magical magnetic cutlery! 95 cents later i reutrned with the group to the hostel where we did absolutly nothing, and it was the one of the best times i've had here so far! late in the evening we snuck up onto the roof of the hostel (even though i have access to a key for the latch...my chicago-ien friend discovered earlier that the latch was broken). awesome view from up there, the street is all lit up with christmas lights, and with a little snow it would've looked like a postcard. i sleepily returned home around 3am. a fabulous evening was had.

today was a work day. my manager has taken off to miami for a few days (something with the swiss people around here running away from new york). and chrismas is comming up, i get to work christmas eve. it's not going to be a first for me, but it'll definetly be different being sooooo far away from everyone. but it marks the almost half way point of my time here. quite an acheivement i'd day. =)

well, i'm boring as always and watching sex and the city alone in my living room. so i think i should quit the rambling and say bon soir!

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I feel l ike some meaningless typing...so i stole this from Mir's myspace!

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so happpy american thanksgiving! big turkey day here, i even woke up early and ventured out into the cold, wet weather to see the famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. i probably wouldn't have gone if my roomate Bobsi didn't drag me out, but I'm glad she did. it was fun, but we didn't last the entire 3 hours that parade was scheduled to last. after about and hour and a half, the rain started to pick up....my toes started to freeze up, and we decided to go home.

then at home i slept, had a HUGE nap. about 5 hours! i just got up, and soon i'll start preparing our make-shift thanksgiving dinner! my roomates (from germany and switzerland) don't do the whole turkey day thing where they're from, so they were really excited to do it here. me, i like stuffing, so i'm happy to go along! we're not doing a whole turkey, just some breasts.....we like things easy!

so now all we will need is a bottle of wine to finish things off!

time to drink some more tea and then start making dinner...


music....finallly. alone in my appartment i can listen to my tunes and sing a long, and only worry about the neighbours hearing me. but i don't care. the one guy across is playing his sax, that will drown me out.

i should go out and seee the city, but i'm enjoying being lazy! it's my day off, i'll lounge if i want to.

and smoke too much
and listen to the same songs over and over
and drink a lot of tea

i've been thinking about showering! it's only 3:30, it's still early in the day.

i wish i had photos to post. the only thing i've taken a picture of lately was the meal that the guy downstaires (my manager and ex chef) cooked for me and my roomate. it looked sooo pretty. last night we all had dinner together...then decided to paint the kitchen. i think the majority of my clothing now has some form of paint on it. i'm stating a trend.

eeek one of my dreads just got caught on my arm piercing. haha

everone (meaning me, one of my roomates..jasmin, and some of the guys) are going to crobar tonight. i've never been, it's some club that we apprently can get into for free (the bar and the hostel are affiliated somehow)...so should be fun. or not, but at least i'll get out of the house and socialize, i'm turning into a hobbett.

that makes no sence...but it's true!

my mom sent me girl guide cookies in the mail! she is by far the cutest mom ever!

well i think i shall be off, attempt to shower (lets see if there's hot water today) and maybe do some cleaning.

a bientot!